Professional Consultation


A. Product information

△ Depending on different climates and usages which are specified by the clients, we can assist in choosing the right housing camp accordingly.

△ Based on clients preferences, we will provide the corresponding professional design in layout, elevation, electric and plumbing.

△ If you don’t have any specific requirements, we would like to introduce our similar projects for your reference.



B. Camp solution

△ As the goal of overall camp construction, we could execute the turn-key projects through the resource integration of facilities and services based on the self-production of camp housing.

△ The overall camp solution includes camp feasibility analysis, technical service platform, material & facilities preparation and site construction support.



C. House design

△ We have a professional team with 30 R&D and 30 design staffs who have completed four thousands of oversea projects.

△ Awarded with more than 30 patents.



D. Export Process

△ A professional export team is here to serve our customers all over the world. They are experienced in the export process and can recommend selective solution for every step of the export work with mutual benefits.



E. International transportation

△ The logistics department takes charge of information collection, transport charge, transport method, booking shipping space, cargos collection, customs clearance, transportation insurance, bill of lading, and exchange settlement.

△ With more than 10 years of experience in international transportation, CDPH has professional transportation partners who are capable of providing smooth and high-efficient transport services to clients.