Rapid Response

Short-time Manufacturing

To meet the emergency needs of customers, we have advanced machinery and qualified personnel for production, the details are as follows:

 Annual production capacity of 750,000 m2 for steel structures.

 Annual production capacity of 1,700,000 m2 for sandwich panels.

 Machinery facilities in high performance and automaticity

 Facility operators, designers and quality controllers with high skill.


On Time Delivery

We have the adequate storage and efficient team to make sure the timely delivery, the details as follows:

 25,000 m2 stocks for house components.

 46,000 m2 temporary storage area.

 6 professional loading teams with 8 years’ experience.

 Project-based storage scheme for accurate delivery.


In Time Response

To achieve timely response, we adopt “ SHORT, PARALLEL, QUICK” job procedure. Marketing department takes action at the earliest time which next will be responsible for work breakdown to Technology department, Commercial department, Projects department. Information is totally shared between all departments at same time. Because of time difference, we call for “Response within 12hours”