History of Foreign Trade


1) Introducing South Korean employee to explore Korea Market.

2) Sales Amount reach 24million USD.

3) Discuss and confirm the technical standard for Nigeria Project

4) New Zealand Villa Project get the offical approval from government



1) Overseas Business Department was established and introduced experts of technology, commerce, procurement and project.

2) Signed "Purchase Contract of Prefabricated Houses in Nigeria Oil Refinery Project"

3) Appoint exclusive agent of New Zealand villa project.

4) Introduced professional lawyer of international business, participating in contract negotiation.

5) Achieved CE certification.



1) Signed "Purchase Contract of Prefabricated Houses in Kazakhstan BTPP Project", opening Central Asian market successfully.

2) Signed "Purchase Contract of Modular Houses in Qatar Port Project", opening Middle East market successfully.

3) FLEX products entered into volume sales.

4) Maintaining customers with CRM system.



1) Signed Thailand Exclusive Agency Agreement.

2) Passing TRA factory inspection, acquired product label of entering the U.S. market.

3) XSF product remodeled and brought in American design philosophy.

4) Explored requirements of ENR overseas camp.



1) Launch in Thailand market and achieve sale amount of USD 1 million

2) Attend India ACE Exhibition and visit regular clients

3) Upgrade English website based on clients’ habits

4) Establish cooperation relationship with Vinci group(ENR250)



1) UN peacekeeping force visit CDPH and sign Haiti project successfully

2) Appoint Indonesia agency and sign the exclusive agreement

3) Export sales to Asia exceed USD 5 million



1) Start cooperation with Indonesian army

2) Establish strategic cooperative relationship with key clients

3) Provide houses to Haiti earthquake reconstruction

4) Review the Indonesia agency



1) Attempt camp project and train commercial and technical team

2) Focus on clients and Establish database, including300 standard proposal plans

3) Form management of key clientsand procedure of major projects

4) Attend Mumbai exhibition and visit regular clients



1) Establish Indian Office

2) Clients quantity more than 100

3) Attend Riyadh exhibition

4) Member Registration in Global Source



1) Complete annual sales of USD 14.2 million

2) Single order exceed USD 5.7 million

3) Develop in India market and annual sales reach USD1.6 million

4) Breakthrough in community house and Angola residential housing over USD1.4 million

5) Participate in Canton Fair.

6) Donate hope school after Wenchuan earthquake(China) , and supply100,000 m2 for relief disaster



1) Establish International Department with 5 staffs

2) Annual sales more than USD 5 million

3) Launch inENR225companies

4) Visit Canton Fair

5) Attend an UN indirect-bid

6) Provided house to the Pakistan earthquake reconstruction



1) Member Registration in Alibaba and made-in-China

2) Achieve the annual sales of USD 1.1million

3) Form foreign trading team

4) Start payment term of LC and exceed USD160,000 per order



1) Recruit Foreign trading personnel to assist the project of China embassy in US with amount of USD 1 million and China National Petroleum Corporation oil project with amount of l USD 0.72 million

2) Zero breakthrough in international business

3) Finish English website and catalogue.