History of Chengdong


1) New Factory in Lutai is under construction

2) First exhibition of construction camp has been shown in Chengdong

3) Industry exchange meeting is held in Chengdong

4) First Supplier meeting has beed held.



1) New publicity film of "home" announced.

2) Achieved CE certification.

3) Chengdong Camp signed "Purchase Contract of Prefabricated Houses in Nigeria Oil Refinery Project"

4) Chengdong Modular Housing Hebei Co., Ltd. was founded.



1) China assistance project of Syrian humanitarian container houses was delivered successfully.

2) Chengdong Home of Staff opened.

3) Chengdong Manager Classroom set up.

4) Beijing Chengdong public welfare foundation established.

5) National Equities Exchange and Quotations of Chengdong Camp listed successfully.

6) Chengdong Camp increased internal shares to employees.

7) Chengdong Camp signed "Purchase Contract of Prefab Building Products for Santa Cruz River Power Station Project"

8) Chengdong Camp was selected as one of the Ten Outstanding Suppliers in China Road and Bridge Corporation.

9) The project of Sunshine Charitable Welfare Program funded by Chengdong Camp completed successfully.

10) Chengdong Camp Iraq project was selected as the benchmark camp project.



1) The registration of Beijing Easy Building Co.,Ltd. was approved on May 26.

2) Songzhuang factory was incorporated into technical system, focusing on the production and improvement of the container house.

3) Flex products passed USA certification and put into production.



1) Joint venture with world-class modular housing leader-Algeco Scotsman and founded "Algeco chengdong" which operates the business of rental and sale in China market

2) The 1,000 container house came out



1) Chairman with board members went to USA, France and Italy to communicate with prefab suppliers



1) Successfully passed HSE certification audit

2) Chairman Mr Zhao Junyong was elected as NPC member of Tongzhou District



1) Introduced the performance management system

2) Undertook the first EPC project "Nigeria milk products factory project"



1) Held the general meeting of shareholders. The number of shareholders was up to 108.

2) Set up Chengdong scholarship fund in Songzhuang middle school and held the ceremony

3) The board of directors called for the concept of second pioneering and determined the overall thought

4) Beijing Chengdong International Modular Housing Co., Ltd was registered (CDPH)