Social Responsibility

“Undertaking social responsibility by action" is one of important conduct codes of CDPH people. As involved in business development, CDPH is ambitious to perform social responsibility to give back to society which was widely approved in communities.


The "Children's Growth Inn" project was launched in 2017. The project screened children in predicament in the corresponding areas of Tongzhou to set up a growing station for them in or around the area.


In addition, the Foundation organizes employee volunteers to visit and inspect the project together. Moreover, the Foundation organizes charity fund-raising activities for employees with severe diseases, which provides employees and volunteers an active and lovely platform for charity participation.


In 2017, the Foundation funded the construction of Phase Two of the Candy House and created more activity places and room of growth for local children.


In 2016, Chengdong built a children's art activity center in Weijiazuo Village, Juxian, Hebei Province with the name of "Chengdong Candy House". This program ensured the left-behind children in local villages not only to have the places for extra-curricular art education and activities, but also alleviating the psychological problems caused by educational shortage, emotion absence and communication barriers among rural children and left-behind children through care and accompany, to help them grow healthily and happily.


"Chengdong - Songzhuang Sunshine Student Subsidies" project is the first student charity project launched and implemented by Beijing Chengdong Foundation, mainly providing learning and living expenses for the students in middle and high school in the area of Songzhuang town, Tongzhou District to help the students from low income families successfully completing their compulsory education. The project, a long-term student welfare project, has been carried out since 2015.


In 2015, CDPH invested 3 million to register “Chengdong Public Funds” in Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau, committing to funding poor students and doing a bit in education of poor family.


Since 1998, CDPH has been awarded honorary titles as the "Capital Labor Medal", "Workers Vanguard", "Morality Star of Tongzhou District, Beijing ", "The Excellent Party Branch", "Chinese good list", etc. The civilized and healthy corporate imagination was already established in society.


In 2010, CDPH gave orphans a hand to donate the school during Yushu earthquake.


CDPH has established "CDPH Scholarship Fund" for Songzhuang Middle School to reward outstanding students since 2009


In 2000, CDPH donated one game house to the 21st Universiade