Public welfare! Chengdong candy project to build a happy candy house

Public welfare! Chengdong candy project to build a happy candy house

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Build a candy house and live in sweet dreams
Candy plan
      After the joy, anticipation and fear of the project being launched, on April 30, 2016, the "Chengdong Candy House" project, which had been donated for 18 days, was successfully completed with the help of all the rice fans.
      Basking in the sunshine of May Day, we rolled up our sleeves and picked up tools to start our work on the land of Weijiazao Village in Hebei Province.
    Before the formal construction, we rented two tractors in the local area to tamp down the 200 square meters of land occupied by the center.
Strengthen land
     Then we artificially strengthened the land part of the loading box candy house and built the foundation, hoping to further guarantee the activities of children and volunteers in the candy house and the normal use of the building itself.

A foundation made of rock, sand, bricks, etc


      Early in the morning of May 6, we ended the 5-day foundation maintenance in the sound of the engine of the big trailer, and started construction together with the architects and workers of Beijing Chengdong International Camp Integrated Housing Co., LTD., turning the design on the drawings into reality little by little.



The materials have been transported to the center and everyone is unloading



      Due to the limited local construction conditions, most of the components of the box house we designed were prefabricated by Chengdong Campsite company in Beijing, and then transported to the center site for rapid assembly.




       According to cheng building camp company specializing in the design and manufacture, but also through the comparison of the previous all kinds of construction scheme, we finally selected for the center of the precast box room has the characteristics of highly integrated, portable, can be more units of length, width and height direction superposition of joining together, not only achieve the goal of the space to expand, also for the expansion of the second, three layer architecture provides a possible.


Workers assemble the candy house according to the design


       Our confectionery house is a combination of 9 boxes, including 3 classrooms, 1 library, 1 dormitory and 1 kitchen and dining room unit. Each room is also equipped with steel door, rubber floor, etc."This design is simple, easy, safe and stable, and we hope to provide children with a broader space experience and a better learning and living environment while keeping them safe."


Details of the exterior of the candy house


       Looking at the once tiled drawings turning into three-dimensional buildings, imagining the future where there will be little by little painted colors, filled with desks, and haunted by children's laughter and creativity, I suddenly feel that all the sweat and hard work these days have blossomed in an instant


    On May 8, the main part of the candy house was successfully constructed, and our site also welcomed the investigation and acceptance team of Chengdong Public Welfare Foundation and Mi public welfare.



The person in charge of Chengdong project is doing the house inspection



The person in charge of Chengdong Foundation is looking at the scene and communicating with Kefei


Finally, a group photo was taken in front of the assembled candy house.


Candy project and Cheng Dong Foundation, rice public welfare together



       Although the center at this moment is still a mess, it is no longer just a pile of loess, but a candy house representing love and companionship is about to be born.In the near future, there will be greenery, beautiful whitewashed decorations, new school desks and chairs, and more children laughing and happy!Thanks to all the rice fans for their attention and support, the candy project will continue to bring you more feedback, let us witness more beautiful changes happen!