Fulfill your dreams and walk with love

Fulfill your dreams and walk with love

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Fulfill your dreams and walk with love
On January 19, 2017, Beijing Chengdong International Camp Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. held its 2016 Annual Summary commendation meeting and 2017 Spring Festival party in Tongzhou Canal Garden.All employees of the company, leaders of Anjie Chengdong and Yiju Villa company and senior executives of Chengdong camp board of supervisors attended this grand meeting.
Chengdong Camp《Award Ceremony》
Let's express our heartfelt thanks to our partners who have been working hard for Cheng Dong.
Mr. Chen Jianfeng, general manager, delivered a speech
Announcer's entrance
Outstanding New Artist Award
Innovation award
Lean Pioneer Award
Management Practice Award
Long-term contribution to the award
True Heroes
Gold medal salesman
General Manager special Award
Excellent Volunteer award of Chengdong Public Welfare Foundation
QHSE Excellent Team Award
Award for Ownership
Outstanding Team Award
Chengdong Camp 《Masked Song King》
The singer began