Project camp overall solution sand table demonstration system, the official release!

Project camp overall solution sand table demonstration system, the official release!

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This week, we will introduce an important display element in the exhibition hall, "Engineering Camp Integrated Solution Sand Table Demonstration System".



In retrospect, the road to the design of the camp sand table is also the road to the evolution of the overall solution of the engineering camp.



After nearly five years of painstaking work, the sand table design for the camp was finally completed in 2017.
      As a leading enterprise in the field of engineering camp construction, Chengdong camp has been constantly exploring how to build a good engineering camp.The project camp is divided according to functional requirements and project, and the concept of project camp 9 system integral solution is proposed.The sand table demonstration system is a perfect illustration of this concept!
     The sand table demonstration system is a comprehensive simulation of the actual conditions of overseas engineering camps, and the sand table is designed according to the design concept of engineering camp 9 system.
     The sand table in the camp is mainly reflected in the fine polishing of the details of the sand table in the camp. Various details in the camp are simulated in the sand table, such as street lamps on the sand table, vehicles in the parking lot, surveillance cameras in the wall, and other outdoor equipment elements.In order to better represent the interior layout of the building, Dong Ge will lift the roof to see the interior, and place the layout plan of the camp building 100% in the building model. For example, the furniture, sanitary ware, electrical appliances and other facilities in the building will be miniature in the sand table according to the design plan.


Building system lifting display effect


      During the construction of the camp, all kinds of pipelines need to be laid underground, such as feed pipes, drainage pipes, cables, weak current pipes and so on. Then how can these be reflected in the sand table of the camp?After a lot of thinking, Dongge finally decided to raise the camp sand table as a whole and divide it into two parts, above ground and under ground.The above-ground part is the buildings visible above the horizon of the project camp, while the underground part is the various paving pipelines below the level line of the project camp.


The underground part shows the effect
The following is a detailed demonstration of the overall solution of the project camp sand table demonstration system, please enjoy.
Project camp overall solution sand table demonstration system has been officially released ~ Welcome partners to visit at any time!