Monument to My Father

Monument to My Father

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   I am eleven years old and my brother is five years old this year, but we seldom see our father.If I remember correctly, I only spent the Spring Festival with my father twice, which was all because my father's job was to do engineering construction overseas.



    Listen to dad said, like him has been working abroad, a year can not return home a few days uncle there are a lot of it.Dad is a technical director engineer. He and his other uncles have built many tall buildings, railways and airports in foreign countries. Many people are thanking them.My brother and I, when can we spend the Spring Festival with him?



      The last time my father came home, he said he would take my brother to the ferris wheel, so my brother was very happy.But my father, who was suddenly given an urgent task, still let him down.He picked up his knapsack and went away without looking back.




     According to my father, he has participated in 53 Chinese overseas projects, visited 27 countries and even used 4 passports.Overseas, they use Chinese technology, Chinese speed, Chinese standards for construction, the heart is full of pride.



    When I was six years old, I had a serious illness and stayed in the hospital for a long time. At that time, only my mother and my mother's eight-month-old brother stayed with me.I really want to let my father accompany me, but only my mother every day to protect my side, due to overwork, the younger brother was born ahead of schedule.




     In fact, my father was very difficult overseas. He used to walk on the rugged mountain road for 6 or 7 hours to reach the construction site.When my brother and I saw on TV the special report on the opening of the Mongolian railway in Africa, I knew it was my father's project.Looking at the happy faces of the African people, I suddenly felt that I understood my father.The work he did, though hard, was great.



     During the Spring Festival, the trophy of my father's long-term dedication award was sent to my home by the leaders of my father's company. I felt very proud of my father.




This is the story of my father. His name is Yang Yiqing.