Chengdong Camp 2019 Summary commendation and 2020 Spring Festival party was successfully held

Chengdong Camp 2019 Summary commendation and 2020 Spring Festival party was successfully held

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       Today, we are gathered once again to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new.Can not help but sigh: time flies, time flies.Life needs a sense of ritual. At the end of the year and the beginning of the New Year, we need to stop the busy pace, sit down quietly, and together to reflect on our experiences and setbacks in the past year, grow and harvest, to build up strength for a better tomorrow and set sail again.
      In the past year, despite setbacks, but we humbly to acknowledge and accept the setbacks, rational analysis of lessons learned, positive internalization in the heart, externalization in action, we work together to fully carry forward the spirit of integrity, self-motivation in adversity, cooperation and symbiosis!With indomitable practical action, actively develop the market, the department unity and cooperation, the New Year has just passed, the good news spread.
Mr. Chen Jianfeng, general Manager of Chengdong Camp
     At the annual meeting, Mr. Chen Jianfeng, the general manager, gave a lot of encouragement to the partners in his kind and frank speech. Mr. Chen encouraged them to challenge themselves constantly, open their minds, embrace change, and live every day with confidence and vitality.
Outstanding Team Award
Lean Pioneer Award
Outstanding Project Award
Long-term contribution to the award
      In the annual award ceremony, every outstanding team and individual brings us great encouragement and inspiration, which encourages us to pursue efficiency, innovation and breakthrough in the New Year!
     At the same time, the partners in the busy work, for the annual meeting stage carefully prepared the performance, as long as you dare to show out, you are the bright star.Energetic dancing, dynamic tai Chi and martial arts performances, beautiful solo singing, and our inspiring chorus.Although the style of the annual meeting is simple, but with the dedication of the partners, our annual meeting is not simple!
       In the New Year, everything is a brand new start. May our partners continue to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. With the sweat and wisdom of our sincerity and faithfulness, we will work together for a win-win future!Finally, sincerely wish all chengdong partners and their families: happy New Year!Happy family!