Sincere Congratulations on the Relocation of Chengdong Camp

Sincere Congratulations on the Relocation of Chengdong Camp

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Sincere congratulations on the relocation of chengdong camp



       At 8:18 on May 18, 2020, with the warm applause and cheers of all the chengdong people, the chengdong camp was officially unveiled in the new relocation site!This is the moment to refresh all the dreams and aspirations of the sincere building people, this is the moment to set sail towards the further place of the sincere building people firmly!Here, all sincere building people, Thanksgiving all the way support and trust our friends from all walks of life, it is because of your recognition and support of sincere building, there is sincere building people today!At the same time, to years of dedication and diligence, sincere pay tribute to the sincere building partners, sincere building because you just wonderful!
leader's oration
Mr. Zhao Junyong, chairman of Chengdong Camp
Mr. Chen Jianfeng, general manager
Mr. Tong Hua, Director of Marketing Strategy
       Our new site is located at No. 8, East Art Museum Street, Xiaobao Art Park, Songzhuang Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, a land full of artistic aspirations.Cheng Dong people from entrepreneurship to today, over the past 22 years, a batch of Cheng Dong people uphold a group of ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary career philosophy, after a lot of hardships, unity forge ahead, step by step to come here.Sincere building every time move, the company then steps on a new step, this time will be the same!
      We are grateful for the efforts of our partners and the blessings of this era.
       New starting point, new atmosphere, vigorous, tenacious people, will, as always, uphold the core values of integrity cast pillars, sincere pay, no regrets in the past, cherish the present, embrace the future, this is full of infinite possibilities of the building, the creation and harvest belongs to all sincere building beautiful and brilliant!
      Finally, brother take you to see our new office building minister what kind of ~ brother here to welcome friends to the sincere building new site to visit ~!