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With coVID-19 epidemic prevention and control becoming normal in China, schools, schools and kindergartens all over the country resumed their classes around September 1, basically the same time as in previous autumn. Children have finally embarked on a new journey. During the fall term in order to ensure a better campus security and stability, the Beijing pinggu district education in kindergarten, primary school, middle school new increase security forces, including for security housing request clear: at the same time satisfy the functional requirements, but also has the construction speed is quick, the appearance with the original construction of the building in uniform requirements.This project is also the application of modular products in the school field. Features of the project: short site construction time, unified appearance of the building and the original building, the number and location of use of each school are different.
Project name: Living and office camp project of Xinjiang Dashixia Dam Project Department Project construction location: Within Wentu and Wushi counties in Aksu Region of Xinjiang, about 37KM from the border line between China and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, and about 100KM from the urban area of Aksu. Construction scale: it is planned to cover an area of about 33,500 square meters and a building area of about 11,000 square meters. The main functions of the office and living rooms for the management of the project department are as follows: the service life is 10 years, and the designed wind-resistant level is 11. Design idea: In order to improve the living and working environment of the staff, the project leader put forward higher requirements for the overall plan of the camp.According to the requirements of the project leaders on the office and living environment, our company carried out in-depth research on the overall scheme of the camp. In order to meet the factors such as fast construction progress, excellent office and living environment and low construction cost, we finally adopted the scheme of adding and decorating the light-steel structure house.
Double-layer ZA and ZM barracks are all used in the camp, which are planned to be used for 3-5 years. The structure is required to be safe and reliable, resistant to moisture and corrosion, and good and effective measures to protect against cold.The office and dormitory are made of sandwich steel plates.The bottom foundation of the C20 concrete foundation of the csteel board house is 200mm high, filled with backfill soil and 50 thick backfill coral sand, which is economic and environmental protection. Backfill is compacted, and 100mm thick C15 fine stone concrete cushion is poured on top.The interior floor surface layer carries on the face brick paving.
Up to now, Chengdong Camp has provided 2,052 Sets of FLEX products for the North American market. FLEX products have won wide praise from customers for their excellent product quality and fashionable appearance and interior design.
The project is located in The eastern Indian state of Orissa, with bhubaneswar as its capital.Orissa is rich in natural resources and a repository of forests and minerals.India's chromite deposits are mostly in The state of Orissa.This is a big reason why Tata Steel is locating its plants in the region.
The house type of this project is mainly the accommodation camp, which puts forward high standards for corrosion resistance, wind resistance, sealing, fire prevention, safety, convenient installation and so on. All accommodation types of the project are LZA rooms, with indoor corridors and complete supporting facilities. Distribution boxes are also provided by our company. The circuit is prefabricated in the factory in advance, making installation convenient.
The building covers an area of about 4200 square meters.The south side of the camp is the production area, while the north side is the area for office, accommodation, catering and recreational activities.Among them, the production area is about 1210㎡, the office area is about 1264㎡, and the living, dining and entertainment area is about 1726㎡.
Myanmar stated that the 1,000 sets of prefabricated house provided by China and have provided important help to the Myanmar government in resettling the displaced people in Rakhine State. Beijing Chengdong International Modular Housing Corporation provided 1000 sets of prefabricated house for Myanmar.
Cheng building camp project development team visited the department of South America in Chile Rancagua city Coya camp near El Teniente copper mine, the camp for 1700 people living at the same time, belong to the larger mining camp, a total of 21 buildings, the function is all ready, with management office building, senior management standard accommodation, workers ZhuSuLou, on-site management personnel ZhuSuLou, activity room, playroom, general hospital, laundry room, dining room, kitchen, drinking water treatment plant, sewage treatment station, etc., nine system is complete, the standard is higher.The whole camp adopts hotel-style management, complete catering and laundry services, so that the workers can be more fully devoted to their work, without a lot of worries at home.
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