It is widely used in warehouse, factories, shopping malls, etc. by general construction method using materials such as rolled H-beam and other sections and structural pipes.
Modular house is a unit house with the size of 6055mm*2435mm*2896mm who could be linked freely at length, width and height through the linking kits for bigger structure and different layouts.
K house is evolved from the most mature international housing product. CDPH originally introduced from Japan at 2002 and then improved according to Chinese standards. Because of the possibility of sto
As CDPH's main products since 1999, it has become most popular in domestic and international market with excellent performance of quick erection and perfect recycle. Now, it has been used in more than
ZA type house is independently developed by CDPH and awarded patents. Since coming to the market, we have made bigger technology innovation for five times and a lot of node improvements. Now, it is wi
ZB house is one kind of personalized design house with irregular appearance. Unlike modular unit, ZB house is flexible in dimension and design. It is suitable to the sandy and rainy area due to the go
Camp construction not only includes accommodation and office, but also needs workshop or warehouse. Compared with the traditional H steel structure, ZM has more advantage in light weight, volume produ
Villas are permanent and semi-permanent buildings with mechanical mass production and widely used due to its environmental performance, faster construction and homey living.
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