Ethiopia Road Project

Ethiopia Road Project

Camp Project
You may not be familiar with Ethiopia
That's the picture that might come to mind
Let me tell you that's what they are!!
   "In recent years, in order to improve road traffic conditions, improve people's livelihood and promote social and economic development, the Ethiopian government has successively launched a number of road construction projects (thumb up for the Ethiopian government).As the infrastructure construction force with the largest market share in The Ethiopian market, Chinese enterprises have obtained a large number of road engineering projects through open bidding, making great contributions to the road construction in Ethiopia.
   For projects such as road construction that can improve people's livelihood and promote society and economy, Chengdong camp also actively participates in them, hoping to protect them with excellent product quality and systematic service."
    The project is the Ethiopia road project signed by Chengdong Company and a Spanish joint venture.As the supplier of the Ethiopia road project camp, Chengdong designed/provided the overall camp planning for the temporary houses used in the road and bridge project camp, and divided the houses into functions: field office/accommodation for workers and managers/laboratory/warehouse, etc.;The ZA /ZM /K houses of Chengdong cover a total of 12447 square meters.
 (ZA type)
(ZM type )
(K type)
The project is divided into two camps: Camp Bure and Camp Nekemte, each containing a management module and a Labour module.
     The company was introduced by our old customers, because of the tight time and heavy task to find our company.Not only the design and price budget of the labor camp and the management camp, but also the confirmation of the contract terms to the degree of implementation should be completed within one month.Based on our understanding of the Ethiopian market and our experience in camp design, we successfully completed the task.
     In the contract execution stage, the project manager/production department/quality control department and other late operation team made joint efforts to complete the delivery of goods on time and with good quality, and also passed the customer representative and the third party CIQ inspection.
     At the installation site, the warehousing and logistics of the goods and the on-site service of our professional guidance team also satisfied the customers and gave us a high evaluation.
      The signing of the project further enhanced the influence of our company in The Highway Bureau of Ethiopia and the local government, played a very positive role in the implementation of integrated housing in Ethiopia, and laid a solid foundation for our cooperation with other customers in Ethiopia.