Iraq Saharan Power Station Camp Project

Iraq Saharan Power Station Camp Project



               Project location: Iraq
               Camp construction: Beijing Chengdong International Modular Housing Corporation
               Features of the project: Diversified integrated building to resist the invasion of wind and sand
               Barracks Area: 19,492 square metres
 The solution 
1、Adapting to desert climate
Resist the wind and sand:
The structure frame is placed inside the roof, and there is no exposed gap between the outer protective plate and the structure, which can effectively resist sand invasion in the desert area.The foyer outside the main entrance of the house provides a buffer for the wind sand, which reduces the possibility of the wind sand entering the room directly and helps to maintain the comfortable environment inside.The window abandons the conventional push-pull window and adopts the internal flat open-type window, which is more conducive to the indoor and outdoor ventilation. At the same time, the sealing performance is improved.
Wind resistance and sealing: the roof is designed for the feudal side of the ridge tile, and the end of the roof tile is connected by bolts.
High temperature resistance: Due to the high direct temperature of the local sun, toughened glass is adopted for the peripheral protective glass, which can withstand temperature difference three times as much as conventional glass while improving the stability.
The air conditioner is specially customized to adapt to desert areas and save energy.
  • Barracks details

Ii. Diversified design of barracks
This camp USES a variety of products from Chengdong camp to meet the needs of the whole project:
Type ZA: accommodation, office, flexible layout, good tightness.
Light steel villa: independent single villa is adopted for reception and accommodation to satisfy comfort, improve living quality, and beautiful shape.
ZM type: warehouse, which meets the requirements of large-span use and takes into account the economy of the house.
Box housing: other ancillary housing.
Exterior and Interior

 Construction Process 
completed the structural installation
Indoor completion effect
Light steel structure installation
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