Bahamas Island Resort Camp Project

Bahamas Island Resort Camp Project



Location: Nassau, Bahamas
Camp construction: Beijing Chengdong International Modular Housing Corporation
Project features: hurricane resistance, corrosion resistance
Barracks Area: 53,385 square metres







One. Hurricane resistance design
The project site is located in a hurricane-prone area, and the primary problem is structural stability.
1. Upgrade on the basis of mature products, carry out checking calculation and experiment on the new simulation of actual wind conditions.
2. Upgrade the connection between wall purlin and roof purlin to improve wind resistance.
3. There is no welding in the processing of all components, which reasonably avoids the hidden dangers caused by residual stress and artificial welding failure.
4. Considering the cyclicity of the hurricane, detachable wind cable is added to ensure the structural safety and economy at the same time.

chengdong houses that survived Hurricane Irene



Highly recognized by the owner




Ambassador Hu Shan attends camp Opening Ceremony



Two. Corrosion resistant design
       Firstly, the investigation of local environment and corrosion situation was carried out, and the conclusion was drawn that the existing houses with ordinary specifications could not meet the use demand, so further adjustment was made.Combined with the operation feasibility and comprehensive cost economy of production and logistics, the optimal scheme is selected after a large number of experimental analysis to better guarantee the safety and durability of the project.
1. Focus on the inspection of the anti-corrosion ability of the structure under bad conditions. Through demonstration, the method of galvanizing + secondary special treatment is finally adopted to effectively solve the hidden danger of corrosion of the structure in the seaside.
2. Maintain the materials according to the project environment and use of well-known manufacturers to cooperate with the experiment, targeted use of customized color steel sandwich plate, coating corrosion resistance is higher, theoretical data is 2-3 times of the same level of plate, better guarantee the safety and durability of the project.




Three. Roof waterproof and wind resistant design
     In view of the heavy rainfall and strong wind at the seaside, it is necessary to consider the convenience of site installation.
     The roof plate and purlin are connected through the groove bolt to reach the "wire connection" (patented technology), so that the roof and the structure are connected into a whole, and the wind resistance of the roof is significantly improved.The traditional self-tapping fixation method (point connection) is abandoned to reduce the risk of leakage caused by improper human operation or aging of the nail position, so as to realize structural waterproofing and effectively solve the waterproofing problem.


Schematic diagram of roof structure waterproof





Completion Effect




completion effect of the living area


completion effect of the office area



office area outdoor space