Abidjan, Cote d 'Ivoire Port Expansion Project Camp

Abidjan, Cote d 'Ivoire Port Expansion Project Camp




Project Introduction



      The Abidjan Autonomous Port is located in Abidjan city, Cote d 'Ivoire, West Africa. It is an important container transit port in West Africa. The throughput of the port has developed rapidly in recent years, but there is only one container terminal at present, which limits the further development of the port.After the expansion, the Abidjan Autonomous Port will have an annual capacity of 1.22 million teu, making it the largest port in West Africa and a great boost to the country's economy.



Camp Introduction




       The project is mainly located in the east side of AZITO power plant, Yopugon District, Abidjan, Cote d 'Ivoire. The lagoon is connected to the east and south sides, and the villagers' land is connected to the north side. It covers an area of about 27 hectares.
       All office and living buildings in the camp are provided and installed by Chengdong camp.Among them, 4 buildings in the office area, 28 buildings in the dormitory area and their supporting toilets are a-type light-steel movable slab houses, and 7 buildings in the reception area are light-steel prefabricated villas.


     The original site of the camp is lagoon wetland. After backfilling sand to form the base of the camp, there is no risk of debris flow, flood and stone collapse.The production area in the camp is separated from the living area. The production line in the production area is 100m to the east and 70m to the north of the boundary of the living area wall.The camp is about 4.5 nautical miles from the dockside area.
     The land area for each functional area in the camp is as follows: 1. Concrete mixing station and precast production area: 80000m; 2.2. Office area 14000m;4. Living area for Chinese 32500m;5. Local workers' living area 4000m;6. Reception area: 13000m;7. Sports and sports activity area: 7500m;8. Planting area: 7000m;9. Reserve zone: 7000m.



The entrance of the production area and living area of the camp adopts the double iron gate as the main gate, and the separation between people and vehicles is implemented. The prominent project name and enterprise logo are set on the wall on the right side of the gate, while the video surveillance logo and the access registration sign are set on the left side.




        A 2.5m high brick wall is set around the camp, with barbed wire at the top. The middle of the wall is painted white, and a blue LOGO is printed. The bottom and top of the wall are decorated with Chinese and Hong Kong blue stripes.






      All office and living buildings in the camp are provided and installed by Chengdong camp.Among them, 4 office buildings, 28 dormitory buildings and supporting toilets are a-type light-steel movable slab houses.
The main features of the building are as follows:
(1) Structural safety: the structure adopts cold-formed thin-wall light steel structure system, which is safe and stable, and the designed wind-resistant capacity is level 10;
(2) good anti-corrosion: the structure of galvanized + color spraying treatment, is the present set appearance and anti-corrosion effect in one of the best process;
(3) Patent waterproof: the roof screen abandoned the traditional tapping screw connection, the use of chengdong camp independent research and development of the patent type structure waterproof design, eliminate the roof disassembly and installation of rain leakage hidden danger, is after 15 years of practical application verification;
(4) multiple disassembly and assembly: disassembly and assembly times up to 10 times, each disassembly and assembly reuse rate can reach more than 98%;





       The camp is equipped with standard outdoor basketball court 2, tennis court 1, swimming pool 1, football field 1;There are 2 indoor badminton courts, 3 gymnasiums, 3 table tennis rooms and 4 billiard rooms with high specifications.Can meet the camp staff off work time normal use.





       The construction materials of the camp are flame retardant. Except for the reception area, all the buildings are one-floor movable board houses. The fire safety distance of at least 8 meters is maintained between the buildings, which can meet the needs of fire trucks.The office and living areas of the camp are equipped with 2 4kg ABC dry powder fire extinguishers for every 60 square meters of buildings.Fire extinguishers have been added to the kitchen, warehouse and other key fire areas in the camp.




security and protection system