Nairobi, Kenya, First phase of the Railway Project Camp

Nairobi, Kenya, First phase of the Railway Project Camp





Project Introduction



       The political environment in Kenya is complicated. On the basis of giving priority to public safety, the project will be built on the side of Ngong Road, Ngong Town, Kajiado County, in combination with the situation of the lines in the pipeline section and the distribution of key projects.Ngong town is adjacent to The Most economically developed Karen region in Kenya. The social security environment around the camp is stable, with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities such as water and electricity.
      The construction land for the camp is located in The village of Burub, Ngong Town, Cajado County, adjacent to Ngong Road, with convenient transportation. The unit of land ownership for the temporary land for the camp is the Ngong town police station, which is state-owned land. Compared with the private land, there will be fewer disputes due to land use in the future.The camp covers an area of 82,394 square meters, with a total construction area of 116,98.3 square meters, including 10,400 square meters for office area, 29,724 square meters for living area and 42,270 square meters for production area.








       The main building in the camp adopts chengdong ZA room, with light steel as the skeleton and sandwich plate as the envelopment material. The space combination is carried out by standard module series. The components are connected by bolts, which can be assembled conveniently and quickly to ensure the standardization of the temporary building.Public restrooms and VIP reception rooms are of brick and concrete structure. Brick walls are adopted to bear the weight, reinforced concrete beams and columns and other components constitute the mixed structure system.




      The campsite walkway is directly connected with Ngong Road, which can be easily and quickly accessed;The roads in the camp are surrounded by various areas and directly connected to each other. The roads in the camp are paved with high-strength concrete tiles, and there are signs and warning lights in the corners and areas with high pedestrian density. Meanwhile, speed bumps and signposts are also equipped.



Office and accommodation areas







      The camp is equipped with an outdoor basketball court, an outdoor tennis court, a gymnasium, and an 800-meter-long track around the camp. The gymnasium has ping-pong tables, billiard tables, badminton courts, chess and card rooms, karaoke rooms and other facilities, which basically meet the needs of employees for recreation and exercise after work.







Equipped with rooms, dining room facilities, clean and tidy health




 Security System
Each fire control point in the camp is equipped with special fire control points and all kinds of fire control equipment