Samrod Castle Hotel Camp Project

Samrod Castle Hotel Camp Project






Project Introduction



        For the island's distinctive features and the absence of mountain landslides and landslides, the site was chosen to avoid low-lying areas with poor drainage and the surrounding drainage was good. At the same time, the underground structure of coral rock and strong foundation structure enabled the camp to be used for many years.
       The construction of the camp includes office area, living area, catering area, sports area, medical room and security room, etc. The main exit of the camp faces north, which is 3-5 minutes' walk from the construction site. The designed service life of the camp is 15-20 years.Among them, the office area is 733㎡, the living area is 1261.44㎡, the catering room is 686.57㎡, and the sports area is 744㎡.




     The buildings in the camp are all designed as single-storey structures. The east side is the office area and the west side is the living, dining and sports area.Separation of office area and living area is the use of a row of office buildings for the whole camp into two areas, living area all homes minimum spacing between 8 m and natural lighting in the daytime, at the same time, to ensure maximum ventilation and fire prevention requirements the camp buildings are designed for single layer structure, architectural layout using the office area to the east, the west side of catering for the life movement area.








       Opposite the entrance gate of the office area is the flagpole area of the camp. There is a row of office rooms on both sides, between which 1380㎡ is set for vehicle storage.The separation of office area and living area is to divide the whole camp into two areas with a row of office rooms. The living area is divided into two areas with the minimum distance of 8m for each house, which ensures the maximum ventilation and fire protection requirements while meeting the natural lighting during the day.








      The buildings in the office area, living area and catering area of the camp all adopt blue roof and light gray outer wall, which are very solemn, simple and beautiful under the sunshine.Office area, living area, entertainment area, catering area all use white waterproof ceiling ceiling.








With separate catering room, freezing room, storage room.The dining environment is clean and bright








       The camp is equipped with essential medical equipment and medicines and is only 30 minutes' drive from the local hospital.







        The office area, gate and activity area are planted with local plants, which have the characteristics of strong ornamental value, easy planting and high tolerance.




      The design of the security system in the camp is mainly anti-theft. The fence of the camp adopts steel structure column wire mesh, and the top is equipped with infrared counter fire alarm device, with a total height of 1.8m.The gate of the camp adopts 1.38m wide stainless steel attendance gate and 4.2m single-arm gate. Inside the gate is a security room, and the security room is equipped with an omni-directional non-dead Angle Hikvision monitoring system consisting of guns and a hemisphere in the whole camp.









With basketball court, badminton court, fitness room and other sports venues and facilities.







      Adequate foam fire extinguishers shall be provided in living, office and kitchen areas.In some inflammable and explosive places, in addition to equipped with foam fire extinguishers, fire fighting sand ponds will be set up, and to ensure adequate fire water sources, water supply systems and fire access unimpeded, and install warning signs.