Visiting report of GMF Project

Visiting report of GMF Project





        As the world's most developed economy and China's largest trading partner, the United States has a long tradition of using modular buildings.If the company can successfully enter this market, it will not only achieve good economic benefits, but also play a great role in promoting the lean management ability of the company in order to meet the high standard requirements of American customers for quality control.
        Williams Scottsman, the world's largest modular building operator based in the United States, is also actively looking for suppliers in China because of the high cost of manufacturing in its home country and Europe.After years of investigation and comparison, Chengdong with excellent product research and development ability and good product quality from many peers stand out.




        The cooperation between Chengdong and WS began in 2014. Up to now, our company has successfully exported nearly 1,000 sets of box house products in the United States, which are widely used in the fields of construction, military, education and energy in the United States, and have been highly praised by operators and final customers.
        With the continuous progress of the project and the steady growth of customer orders, we think it is necessary to have a field visit to the project site to get the most intuitive customer experience and understand customer demands, so as to provide customers with more personalized customized products in the future.






         At the end of 2017, Cheng Dong and his colleagues first visited AS headquarters located in Baltimore, a beautiful coastal town in the northeast of the United States, and the system listened to the AS management team's summary of the operation situation of CHENG Dong in North America and problems in the past project implementation process.








        We have learned that in addition to GMF products, AS also operates trailer products, container modification products and standard container products in the North American market.Trailer products as the main force, the existing stock of 65,000 sets.According to the customer, although GMF products only account for a small part at present, AS GMF gradually gains recognition in the North American market, AS plans to increase the proportion of GMF products year by year.


AS existing main product - trailer





Containers and container modification products used with trailers





Chengdong GMF products




       After the headquarters meeting, our company visited the Cherry Hill Assembly center nearest to the headquarters.Despite the small size of the Cherry Hill Assembly center, we are still impressed by the reasonable layout of the workshop and the efficient assembly efficiency.






       Through this visit, we learned that GMF products are currently in the primary promotion stage in the United States, which is fundamentally different from the popular products in the American market.However, we believe that as GMF products continue to mature, the RECOGNITION of the US market will be higher and the potential market will be larger and larger.





Attached: case photos of the U.S. Container house project





BP Management Center project in Louisiana





The stadium ticket center





Fort Bliss Barracks project




Locust Valley University project on Long Island





public washroom 








Riverdale Village Elementary School Project