Somalia Project

Somalia Project





       When you comes to Somalia, the first reaction is piracy.But behind this "thriving pirate region" lies a country's untold history of bitter blood and tears.Somalia, once booming, eventually sank into civil strife and became one of the world's poorest countries.


       The project is being used by Dika Somalia.The company is committed to the supply and construction of United Nations materials and its staff often live near the United Nations camp to provide convenient services.Due to the temporary housing on site, container transformation is the main task. The simple and humid living environment and monotonous appearance of containers make the staff feel that life is boring. They are eager to invest in new living facilities so as to improve the living atmosphere of the camp.




         Since Chengdong has maintained good customer relations and corporate reputation in the African market for many years, through the introduction of partners, its products have been gladly accepted by Decca And the company is willing to take chengdong products as its pilot project in Somalia, so as to do publicity work for the later market development and win-win cooperation.Temporary construction site housing purchased for staff accommodation, office, entertainment and rest.

house type (LZA, K type, light Steel Villas)




        The construction site is dozens of meters away from the Indian Ocean coast.Considering the anti-corrosion effect, construction period and cost, our company suggests that all hot-dip galvanized anti-corrosion structures should be adopted, and most of them should be two-storey buildings so as to save land area and construction cost.One-stop service, furniture and indoor infrastructure cover, to provide customers with maximum value-added services.
        This project took 25 days to complete (including raw material procurement, production and processing, collection of supporting goods, and factory shipment), 5 days ahead of the time limit required by the customer, which met the customer's requirements with high efficiency.
        In order to quickly and accurately complete the installation of the house and put into use, Chengdong sent skilled guidance personnel not afraid of war danger rushed to the site to help complete the construction task.With a new building standing in front of the eyes, customers and staff have been moving in, every day to see the satisfaction of the smile and hear praise is our guidance staff on the scene the most beautiful feeling and adhere to the power of struggle!




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      No matter in the hail of bullets in the country, or in the land of war, chengdong will always give you a stable, in a foreign land let you feel the warmth of home.