Zambia Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Upgrade Expansion project Camp

Zambia Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Upgrade Expansion project Camp




Project Introduction
        Zambia Kenneth hand upgrade international airport expansion projects for the use of Chinese standard design, procurement, construction general contracting project (EPC) projects, project construction content includes the new airport terminal, the viaduct, the presidential plane floor, freight library, fire rescue centre, airport hotel, business center, control building (tower) eight monomers such as complex as well as to the airfield taxiway and apron) and upgrading the old terminals, etc.
The Camp Introduced
       The site of the project camp is located near the airport, 1.3 kilometers away from the construction site (new terminal building) and 15 kilometers away from the main urban area. The surrounding terrain is flat and open, without rivers and depressions, as well as risks of debris flow, flood and landslide.





         The camp covers an area of 12,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 2,390 square meters, including 1005 square meters of office area, 1,081 square meters of dormitory area, 304 square meters of staff canteen, 4915 square meters of outdoor green area, 4908 square meters of road system and 22 parking Spaces, a total of 291 square meters.



       The green area of the camp is 4,915 ㎡, with a green rate of 41%, which creates a good working and living environment for the project staff.The vegetation used in the camp is dominated by local common plants. About 65 per cent of the green area is sown with grass seeds and the rest is mainly ornamental plants.The various plants are arranged in order and complement each other, which greatly beautifies the project camp.





The office and living rooms in the project camp will be provided and installed by Chengdong camp.
        The road system in the area is well planned and unobstructed. The pavement structure is composed of a 20cm water-stabilized layer and a 20cm cement concrete surface layer. The pavement is supplemented by a variety of guide and sign lines.





        The camp is housed in a 2.8-metre-high fence topped by an electrical grid.The gate of the camp was at the same height as the wall and was a strong iron gate with a power grid attached to it.There is a guard room at the side of the gate, and the guard stationed by the professional security company contracted by the camp is on duty 24 hours a day, strictly controlling the identity verification of vehicles and pedestrians.



         The project camp is also equipped with a complete video surveillance system. High-definition cameras are installed at the front and rear end of each row of buildings as well as at the important position of the fence. With the help of the constant light at night, all areas of the project camp can be covered and monitored throughout the day.








        All fire extinguishers are used in the camp for fire fighting arrangement, and the fire fighting system is fully calculated and configured in accordance with the Code for Design of Building Fire Extinguishers GB_50140-2005.In addition, the domestic water in the camp comes from the water tank of the overhead water tower, with its own pressure. Many taps are set on the grass in the camp. If there is a fire, the water pipe can be directly connected for fire fighting.



         All rainwater, sewage and canteen sewage in the camp area adopt independent pipe network and sewage tank, which meet the requirements of local environmental protection department.All domestic sewage is discharged into the domestic sewage pool through an independent underground sewage pipe network, and the canteen sewage enters the canteen sewage pool through a separate drainage pipe network after passing through the grease trap and sedimentation tank.


       The lighting system in the camp adopts the combination of high, middle and low places. The top of the water tower is equipped with high-altitude lighting devices, the top of the surrounding walls is equipped with lighting lamps, and the green belt on the ground is equipped with lawn lamps. All the lamps adopt LED lamps and energy-saving lamps, which are energy saving and environmental protection.