The Exhibition Hall of Chengdong Container House is Located in Santiago, Chile

The Exhibition Hall of Chengdong Container House is Located in Santiago, Chile




         Chile is located in southwest South America, east of the Western foothills of the Andes, near the Pacific Ocean, and Antarctica across the sea.It is the longest and narrowest country in the world, with a length of 4200 kilometers from north to south and a width of 96.8-362.3 kilometers from east to west.The north has a predominantly desert climate;Subtropical Mediterranean climate;A rainy cold steppe climate in the south.Located in an earthquake zone, the largest earthquake ever recorded in history occurred in Chile. Due to the complicated climate, frequent earthquakes and extremely special geographical environment, the country has high requirements for building codes and is known as the Small American standard of South America.





       After recent period of investigation and research, our company has made a breakthrough in meeting the building codes of Chile and accumulated valuable experience in special geographical environment.Box house products have also been highly recognized by partners, the first box house exhibition hall of Chengdong landed in Santiago, capital of Chile, marking the quality of Chengdong products have been highly recognized, opening a new chapter in the market.





          Chile is rich in mineral resources, mining development level is high, mining investment environment is one of the best countries.And the stable development of the overall economy of Chile copper mining industry is an important pillar of the Chilean economy.Chile holds about 150 million tons of copper, accounting for nearly 30% of the world's reserves and ranking first.Copper accounts for a third of the world's output.Chile's economy is growing steadily, with a GDP of 277.076 billion by the end of 2017, ranking first in South America.
          Cheng building camp project development team visited the department of South America in Chile Rancagua city Coya camp near El Teniente copper mine, the camp for 1700 people living at the same time, belong to the larger mining camp, a total of 21 buildings, the function is all ready, with management office building, senior management standard accommodation, workers ZhuSuLou, on-site management personnel ZhuSuLou, activity room, playroom, general hospital, laundry room, dining room, kitchen, drinking water treatment plant, sewage treatment station, etc., nine system is complete, the standard is higher.The whole camp adopts hotel-style management, complete catering and laundry services, so that the workers can be more fully devoted to their work, without a lot of worries at home.














        With the company of local engineers, the accommodation of local workers and field managers was visited. The whole room was clean and tidy. The workers' area was equipped with Shared toilets and showers, and the managers' area was equipped with private toilets.According to the local law, each worker should occupy no less than 10 cubic meters of space, so the whole room looks spacious and bright, and the accommodation environment is very comfortable.



      The whole canteen is made of steel, which gives it a durable feel, as well as earthquake-resistant parts on the roof to protect it from disasters in earthquake-prone Chile.Functional zones are obvious: dining area and operation area. All kinds of supporting facilities are complete and equipped with smoke extraction facilities. Activities in the operation area will not affect the air in the dining area.The canteen provides complete supporting services and various kinds of food and beverage, which guarantees the dining quality of the staff.






       The setting of recreation room also enriches the activities of workers after work and alleviates the dull feeling of camp life.The table tennis table also adds variety and interest to the activities.





        At the invitation of Mr. Carlos, President of THE D&C Group, the South American project development team of The Chengdong Camp Division attended the opening ceremony of the La Divisa Intermodal station in San Bernardo, the opening of the railway line, which is important for foreign trade services in the Chilean capital and the Port of San Antonio.Under the background of "One Belt And One Road" initiative, it has laid a logistics foundation for the trade between China and Chile, facilitated the entry of chengdong's products into the Chilean market, and reduced logistics costs.Mrs. Gloria Hutt, Minister of National Transport of Chile, Mr. Jose Ramon Valente, Minister of National Economy of Chile, and representatives of other partners from the United States, Peru and China were present.







        After the end of the activity, the development team accompanied the customer to visit the exhibition hall of chengdong box-type room, and the site engineers to exchange, understand the installation progress, we Shared relevant experience, hope our cooperation further deepen.The exhibition hall is like a locomotive, leading our cooperation to the far distance.




       The two trip to Chile we deeply feel the stability of the country's economic development and vast prospect of copper project, with the vigorous development of the industry, is bound to camp have great demand in engineering and also increased our access to the Chilean market confidence, in close communication with local companies, and the wisdom of the D&C group module company reached a preliminary cooperation intention, actively participate in the company on the camp of the local project quotation, along with the gradual cooperation, in the end, will bring mutual benefit and win-win results for both companies.