Xinjiang Dashixia Water Control Project Camp

Xinjiang Dashixia Water Control Project Camp




Project Overview
Project name: Living and office camp project of Xinjiang Dashixia Dam Project Department
Project construction location: Within Wentu and Wushi counties in Aksu Region of Xinjiang, about 37KM from the border line between China and the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, and about 100KM from the urban area of Aksu.
Construction scale: it is planned to cover an area of about 33,500 square meters and a building area of about 11,000 square meters. The main functions of the office and living rooms for the management of the project department are as follows: the service life is 10 years, and the designed wind-resistant level is 11.
Design idea: In order to improve the living and working environment of the staff, the project leader put forward higher requirements for the overall plan of the camp.According to the requirements of the project leaders on the office and living environment, our company carried out in-depth research on the overall scheme of the camp. In order to meet the factors such as fast construction progress, excellent office and living environment and low construction cost, we finally adopted the scheme of adding and decorating the light-steel structure house.




Multiformity of House Type





Camp completion effect



         Landmark buildings, office building, office building as a whole the camp embodies the project of the company's overall strength, the light steel villa house, light steel villa style house with brick structure compared with the use of comfort, the same design use fixed number of year for 50 years, but in cost, seismic, environmental protection, construction efficiency is higher than that of composite masonry structure building.
         The laboratory and canteen adopt ZA and ZM rooms, which can meet the use function of the house and reduce the construction cost to the maximum.
         The guest house and dormitory choose ZA+ to decorate the room type, the traditional light steel building has been unable to meet the project needs, the indoor use of light steel keel plasterboard decoration, completely changed the color steel housing that metal cold feeling of use, give the project staff a more warm feeling, more close to the feeling of home.
          Gymnasium: In order to enrich the leisure life of the project staff, h-beam steel structure was used to build an indoor gymnasium with an area of 1500㎡. The gymnasium is equipped with indoor basketball court, badminton court and fitness equipment area.




The first shipment arrived on site on April 9



        The year 2020 will be an unforgettable year in human history when countries around the world were attacked by viruses from Novel Coronavirus.It also completely disrupted the original 
construction plan of the whole project.The first batch of goods was originally scheduled to enter the construction site in early February 2020. Due to the requirements of coVID-19 prevention and control, the first batch of goods entered the construction site smoothly on April 9, 2020.
       Under the influence of coVID-19, many workers could not go out to work normally in 2020, and after the goods arrived at the site, they were faced with the problem of personnel strain. However, due to the proactive work style of Chengdong people, they made sufficient preparations in advance and arrived at the construction site on time.
      The second outbreak of the epidemic in Xinfadi of Beijing occurred on June 11, and Chengdong, as a manufacturing enterprise in Beijing, was also greatly affected. We adjusted the delivery plan of the whole project for the second time to minimize the loss of the project.
      The epidemic in Beijing is over, but the matter is not over yet. On July 27, the project location was affected by the epidemic in Urumqi, Xinjiang adopted measures to restrict the flow of people. However, through the communication efforts between Chengdong People and the project customers, the project was successfully delivered to the customers for use.
Although the epidemic is terrible, but the faith of cheng Dong people to do things is firm, the concept of customer service is unchanged, the choice of Cheng Dong is to choose a professional, choose a professional is to choose to rest assured.




Light steel villa structure installation



ZM canteen structure installation



ZA two-Storey structure



Indoor stadium structure





Canteen completion effect



Interior decoration effect



Karaoke room



 Indoor stadium