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In some special industries, such as mining and petroleum, the on-site construction environment is relatively harsh and has always been affected by the construction characteristics. After the house arrives at the site, it can be directly used without installation, and as the project progresses, the house can be moved as a whole to another location. Due to the need for overall lifting and movement, there is a high requirement for the overall stiffness of the house, and the corresponding processing technology is also strict. The manufacturing cost of this type of house is relatively high, so its development in China has been relatively slow. In recent years, due to the rapid growth of China's economic level, the development of this type of housing has also made a qualitative leap.


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About CDPH

Beijing Chengdong International Camp Integrated Housing Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is a professional enterprise in the field of integrated housing integrating scientific research, production, marketing and construction. Chengdong Camp is committed to using the "nine systems" camp model to provide global customers with overall solutions for engineering camp construction. We will provide a full range of thoughtful and satisfactory services from camp planning, product design and supply to indoor and outdoor supporting and on-site construction according to customer needs and project implementation environment.
Up to now, Chengdong Camp has successfully completed thousands of camp construction projects in more than 100 overseas countries. Years of rich experience in the construction of overseas camps, as well as the profound accumulation of important factors that affect the smooth progress of projects such as different national policies, laws, customs, culture, and climate, have made Chengdong always lead the field of overseas camp construction for Chinese companies and become a large-scale well-known construction company in China.

1. Q: How about your delivery time?

A: Normally, the delivery time is as follows: Prefab house: 20-25days, Container house: 15-20days, Steel structure: 25-30days, Villa: 30-35days.

2. Q: What about the Month Capacity?
A: Prefab house: 100,000m2, Container house: 400units, Steel structure: 2000tons, Villa: 100,100m2.

3. Q: What's the minimum order?
A: Prefab house: 50m2, Container house: 3units, Steel structure: 200m2, Villa: 100m2.

4. Q: What is your package?
A: Container house is in flat pack. Other houses will be loaded into shipping containers(main structure and panels in bulk, door/ceiling/floor tiles/furniture in cartons, sanitary/electrical/plumbing/hardware/fittings/tools in wooden case ).

5. Q: What's you payment terms?
A: Wire transfer or LC.

6. Q: What certificate do you have?
A: We have been awarded the certificate by CE, American building Code, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and China Classification Society. Meantime, we have been inspected many times by TUV, SGS and BV for the factory and products.

7. Q: What kind of technical drawings could you provide?
A: We could provide three-view drawing, 3D picture, blueprint, foundation, plumbing, electrical, communication, fire alarm, installation, furniture and so on.

8. Q: What is the lifespan and warranty period?
A: The lifespan for Prefab house is 5 to 10year, Container house is 10-15years, Steel structure is 15-20years and Villa is 20-50years. The warranty period for all the house is 12months from the delivery.

9. Q: What the value added service do you have?
A: We have camp/community planning design, indoor and outdoor electrical/plumbing design, communication/fire alarm/security system supply, furniture/ electric appliance offer, etc.

10. Q: Could you supply the service of installation?
A: Yes, we have 80 experienced supervisors who could go to guide the installation at any time. Meanwhile, we have skilled installation team who could finish some turn-key projects. 
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