CDPH could offer technical, manufacturing, package and transportation services after obtaining the order as follows:

△ Technical services:

Besides issuing the producing documents, Technical Department need to design the drawings of foundation, electric, plumbing and installation for clients.

△ Production process:

1) Efficient production arrangement ensure timely delivery

2) Providing production progress report for customer

3) The professional quality control team makes sure the qualified product

4) The general plan of production capability can answer clients’ temporary demand in any time.

△ Procurement services:

Under clients’requirement, CDPH is able to gather the high-quality material and facilities from the purchasing and supply chain.

△ Logistics and transport service:

1) With 15 years’ experience in international transportation, CDPHcan provide professional services, such as custom clearance, cargo inspection, etc.

2) Long-term cooperation with professional freight companies ensures the efficient and smooth delivery.

3) Providing convenience service for in-factory inspection by clients and/or third party institution.

4) Good methods for cargos protectionmake sure thatclientswill collect cargoes in complete and well-packaged situation.