Cost effective

High Quality

With over 10 years of manufacturing experience in prefab structure and clients from African and Asian countries, Chengdong prefab has been endorsed and tested to meet specific standards among various customer groups. Quality control is one of the most critical elements of any project as our QC staffs are knowledgeable and pay attention to details on the production quality of what is being supplied to all of our customers.


First-rate Service

We offer quick and affordable housing solutions. Anywhere you need housing in Africa, Asia, Latin America and East Europe, we have probably been there before. We know the conditions you will encounter and your buildings will be designed accordingly. We will assist you from the foundation to the completion of your project.


Reasonable Price

We keep focusing on the market demand and customer requirement, so the offer for each building is made upon the market situation. Moreover, since we design, produce and manufacture by ourselves, the quote can match with the quality accurately and it is competitive for sure.