Maldives Villana International Airport Camp Renovation and Expansion Project

Maldives Villana International Airport Camp Renovation and Expansion Project





Project Introduction
      The project camp is located on Hurumal Airport Island, Maldives, in the core area of Maday International Airport.Maldives national scenic beauty, pleasant climate, the project department combined with the local environment and engineering characteristics, to create domestic green civilization site standards as the standard, to ensure that the camp facilities meet national standards and local environmental protection requirements.
       The camp is located in the core area of The Airport island of Madehuru Malay, with strict controls, flat terrain and no natural disaster risk of any kind.The campsite covers an area of about 15600 square meters, with a building area of 6,800 square meters.4 dormitories for staff, covering an area of about 852 square meters;The building area of clinic and activity room is about 220㎡.Kitchen and dining room of about 273 square metres;The light steel structure warehouse is about 510㎡.



        Double-layer ZA and ZM barracks are all used in the camp, which are planned to be used for 3-5 years. The structure is required to be safe and reliable, resistant to moisture and corrosion, and good and effective measures to protect against cold.The office and dormitory are made of sandwich steel plates.The bottom foundation of the C20 concrete foundation of the csteel board house is 200mm high, filled with backfill soil and 50 thick backfill coral sand, which is economic and environmental protection. Backfill is compacted, and 100mm thick C15 fine stone concrete cushion is poured on top.The interior floor surface layer carries on the face brick paving.




The camp adopts the main local green plants, supplemented by rockery and other modeling lining scenery.





office area








       In addition to complete office functions, it is also equipped with sports and recreational facilities, such as basketball court, billiards hall, gym, badminton court, library, English corner, etc., in order to enrich their leisure life and promote their physical and mental health.







       The road in the yard shall be 4m wide and arranged in a circular form with open ends. The material area shall be arranged along the road for convenient transportation.



       Dining halls for Chinese and foreign personnel shall be set up respectively;The main contracting and sub-contracting canteens are set up respectively;The restaurant is equipped with disinfection cabinet, indoor daily cleaning.






        A guard booth is set up at the entrance and exit, and the guard records the entry personnel and vehicles.The security monitoring system of the camp has been incorporated into the monitoring system of the Malaysian Airport Company to ensure proper real-time monitoring.




       The camp is temporarily equipped with enclosed PVC enclosure (3 meters by 2 meters in specification, 400mmPVC yellow and black warning belt at the bottom), with a height of about 2.5 meters.The office area and the accommodation area are equipped with stainless steel track telescopic gates, the guard room is set to be on duty 24 hours a day, and the access registration and card swiping system is adopted.