Zhao Junyong, chairman of Chengdong Camp, presented awards to the first "China Overseas Project Demonstration Camp" winning enterprises

Zhao Junyong, chairman of Chengdong Camp, presented awards to the first "China Overseas Project Demonstration Camp" winning enterprises

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      From December 8 to 9, 2016, the 2016 annual conference of China Chamber of Foreign Contractors of Engineering was successfully held in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. The theme of the annual conference was "Looking into the global engineering market and Discussing the development trend of the industry", which attracted nearly 500 representatives from the governing units and member enterprises of the Chamber.




2016 Industry annual conference venue



     A new addition to the agenda at this year's annual meeting was the award ceremony for the China Overseas Project Demonstration Camp.
     This activity is directed by China international contractors association, the international project and labor service "magazine sponsored international camp integrated house, Beijing co., LTD. Cooperation to support a new activity, aims to reflect China's overseas engineering company to the humanistic care of laborer, reveals Chinese enterprise project management level, Chinese enterprises to the international brand image.Under the careful preparation and organization of the organizing committee over the past year, the first event received a warm response from the majority of Overseas Chinese engineering enterprises, and more than 40 overseas engineering projects actively participated in the submission.After careful discussion and evaluation by the jury, the winners of 6 demonstration camps and 6 excellent camps were finally selected.
     Mr. Zhao Junyong, chairman of Beijing Chengdong International Modular Housing Corporation. and Mr. Fang Qiuchen, President of China Chamber of Foreign Contractors and Contractors, jointly presented grand awards to the winners of "China Overseas Project Demonstration Camp".
      Although the first "China Overseas Project Demonstration Camp" has been successfully concluded, its influence still exists and has far-reaching significance.This activity will continue as the regular activity of the chamber of Commerce of contracting every year. We believe that the active development of this activity will effectively promote the development of corporate culture of overseas Chinese engineering enterprises and shape a better international brand image of Chinese enterprises.





Winners of the "China Overseas Project Demonstration Camp" Award


"China Overseas Project Demonstration Camp" Award
Sinohydro International Engineering Co. LTD
Camp of CCS Hydropower Project in Ecuador
China International Water and Power Corporation
Uganda isimba 183,000 KW hydropower station project and associated power transmission line project camp
Shandong Electric Power Construction Third Engineering Company
India Gudrol 2×600MW coal power station project camp
China Soil Djibouti Co. LTD
EPC contract camps for the Old Port of Djibouti and Port Dolare to Galil Railway projects
China Nonferrous Metal Industry's Foreign Engineering and Construction Co.,Ltd.
Kazakhstan Vulcanization Project camp
China Harbour Engineering Co. LTD
Project Camp in Gizan, Saudi Arabia
"China Overseas Engineering Camp of Excellence" Award
"China Overseas Engineering Camp of Excellence" Award
China Civil Engineering Corporation LTD
Abuja, Nigeria city Rail Phase I and Phase II project camp
China Road and Bridge Engineering Co. LTD
Kenya Mombasa to Nairobi Standard Rail Project camp
Zhongjian Zhongwest Africa Company
Congo-brazzaville national Highway 1 project camp
Sinosteel Equipment Co. LTD
Zarand Complex steel Plant camp, Iran
China State Construction Engineering Corporation limited
Sri Lanka Branch South Sri Lanka high speed extension line project camp
China National Complete Plant Import&Export Corp.Ltd.
Ethiopia OMO-KURAZ 3 Sugar Plant project camp