With actions to reflect the social responsibility, do have a sense of responsibility of chengdong!

With actions to reflect the social responsibility, do have a sense of responsibility of chengdong!

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Together, we will fight the epidemic
     Firecracker sound in the New Year, spring breeze into the warm tu Su.Just as the New Year bell was ringing and the family was reunited, Sincere building camp received the combat notice of "novel Coronavirus".From the moment of receiving the notice, a sincere building people have no complaints from all sides of their hometown drove back.In sincere camp is located in hebei tangshan reed factory, all the work in two days post personnel is fundamental to the qi, and immediately put, grasping the contact materials and vehicle transportation, work overtime to production, for the Beijing xiaotangshan hospital, xi 'an isolation hospital construction and so on the reconstruction and epidemic prevention and control of project, provides the supply security.The fifth day of the New Year, the first batch of cheng Dong people full of hard work and sweat, consign the blessing and hope of cheng Dong people box room smooth departure, drove to the hospital construction site.Up to now, it has been sent to more than 500 boxes on the project site.





    We also actively contacted the local government of the factory, and immediately supported the local medical department to fight against the new pneumonia. We donated a fever isolation clinic for the local hospital, demonstrating our sense of social responsibility and acting as a responsible and sincere person.
    Han Qingwen, secretary of the Party Committee of Lutai Economic Development Zone, Tangshan city, Hebei Province, and tangshan Labor Daily reporter came to chengdong camp factory at the first time to offer sympathy and encouragement, "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind".We should devote our strength to the country "keeping our original aspiration and fulfilling our mission".
     Ten years of harmonious construction foundation, one hundred years of integrity to build pillars.This is every a person's core values, we will never forget the difficult construction foundation, will not forget the small home that no country, no we live, production staff in silently dedication, work overtime without complaint, in tight production environment, welding in an orderly way, sand, plate quality supervision and guarantee quality, hoisting fast...As cheng Dong people, this moment, we are proud!



Xiaotangshan Hospital expansion site



Xi 'an Isolation Hospital site



We survived SARS in 2003!
We carried the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake through!
We can still overcome the epidemic in 2020!
Come on wuhan!Come on China!